EarthDay2016Thank you to all of our Earth Day volunteers. The park and playlots look fantastic. A special thank you to Myra Mazzei and Catherine Gustaitis for leading the teams at Commercial and Snowberry.  We appreciate you!

Image of colorful eggs with a bunny, a dove, a cross, and a lilly

Egg Hunt at Commercial Park—Wednesday, April 1

Wednesday, April 1

  • First hunt ages 2 and under (3:30-3:50),
  • Second hunt ages 3-5 (4:00-4:20)
  • Third hunt ages 6-10 (4:30-4:50)

Weather permitting, hunt will be in the field.
Bring a collecting basket. Children will hunt empty eggs and turn them in for candy & small prizes! (donated by the Commercial Park Advisory Council.)

skate party


Liability waiver must be signed by adult to participate. Click here to download the waiver

Holiday party at Commercial Park flyer

Holiday party at Commercial Park flyer

Okay, you know this hint of Spring weather has got you…you have closets overflowing with stuff you keep shoving in every time company is coming…

Now is your chance to free up some space in your home and help the park…

The Commercial Park Garage Sale is BACK!!! This year we have moved it up to March 26th and 27th so you need to get started!  We also have two ways to participate:

Option 1:  Donate your stuff to the park. We will sell it and use the money for free programming and playlot improvements.  We can”t start taking your stuff until March 21st so please hang on to it and bring it over the week before the sale.  No adult clothing, please.

Option 2:  Buy a table and sell your things. We will provide you with a table and space for displaying.  We will do the advertising for you.  This way you don’t have to beg people to venture down your alley!  Tables are $30 for the weekend.  The best part….Leave your stuff behind.  We will take care of all the leftovers!  Email Georgia Burke at if you would like to sign up for a table.

So, don’t just sit there!  Use these chilly March days to clean house so that when the warmer days arrive you can open the windows and relax!