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Egg Hunt at Commercial Park—Wednesday, April 1

Wednesday, April 1

  • First hunt ages 2 and under (3:30-3:50),
  • Second hunt ages 3-5 (4:00-4:20)
  • Third hunt ages 6-10 (4:30-4:50)

Weather permitting, hunt will be in the field.
Bring a collecting basket. Children will hunt empty eggs and turn them in for candy & small prizes! (donated by the Commercial Park Advisory Council.)

Please join us this Saturday, Dec. 13, noon to 2:30 for the annual Holiday party!

holiday party 2014 flyer

Please join the neighborhood for our annual Advisory Council’s Halloween Party at Commercial Park, located at 1845 W Rice Street.This Saturday 10/25, 2-3:15 with a trick or treat parade stepping off at 3:15. Adorable!!

halloween party 14And as always, if you are willing to donate baked goods (nut free) we would be most grateful!! see you this Saturday.

We have much to be thankful for — especially our new Bertha Honore Palmer Playground. We not only received beautiful new play equipment courtesy of Chicago Park District, Friends of the Park and advocacy by Commercial Park Advisory Council (CPAC), but we also renamed park 520 in honor of Bertha Honore Palmer– only the 61st park to be named for a women out of nearly 600!

Thanks, too, to the Palmer House Hilton for donating videos and the ORIGINAL recipe brownies. And Daughters of the Revolution just joined and will be installing a bulletin board to keep the park patrons informed. Beside all the wonderful things Bertha did; advocating for rights for women and children, donating 51 pieces of art to Art Institute, chairing the Women’s building at 1890’s World Fair — but she also invented the brownie!

Thanks to Alderman Fioretti for his support for this effort and for all the volunteers and community who have helped

Now to help us continue our park advocacy — please attend the Circus this weekend at Smith Park; 9/27 & 28 (2pm and 5pm each day) proceeds come back to the participating parks!!

crowd at honore cutting of ribbon monument honore

Thanks to all of the neighbors and volunteers that came out for the second ribbon cutting at Superior.  We are very fortunate to have all three of our surrounding pocket parks improved!  See pictutes included; one from Snowberry (green equipment) and one from Superior (blue and red)

One moreevent  and the biggest — join us Sat. 9/20 at 11 am for the ribbon cutting and dedication for the new Bertha Honore Palmer Playground!

snowberry ribbon2 superior ribbon cutting

Join us Saturday 9/13 at 4pm for a ribbon cutting and ice cream social at Superior Playground. On Superior and Hoyne!Superior Park Ice Cream Social


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